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Monday, 18 September 2017

I'm starting a whole new series of "Current Favourites" instead of monthly favourites so I hope you guys would enjoy this kind of posts because I think this is a great opportunity to share the products that I love so you can benefit from them as well without having to wait until the end of each month. So here goes pt. 1 of the series, and my personal favourite - Skincare! 

In no particular order, Bare Origin Golden Chocolate Oil has been my skin saviour for the past a month or two, not just because it has the most delicious chocolate scent in the world but the texture, the way it feels on my skin, and how my skin looks after, I mean it just delivers results. It's made with pure Argan Oil with a touch of organic raw cacao beans and pure bourbon vanilla! Tell me if that doesn't sound lovely to you! it's superfood for your skin! You can use it either on your face or all over the body. If you have dry skin you must give this a shot, but if you have oily skin, just make sure to use half the pump and press the oil onto the skin till it's fully absorbed. It will balance out your oiliness without a doubt. 

I also like the Pure Argan Oil because it gives the same effect as the chocolate one, maybe a tad richer in terms of texture but the same greatness. However, I prefer the chocolate one a lot more simply because of the delicious smell. 

(Pure Argan oil is more of a yellow toned oil and Golden Chocolate is the clear one)

I got this Copper Amido Isolate Serum 1.00% by NIOD when I was on holiday, and it really wowed me! It's funny that I can't really tell you exactly what it does to my skin but my skin just looks good and healthy with it. It's one of those products that you don't think you need but when you don't use it for a while you'll see the difference. It's made with pure copper concentrate which apparently is a great anti-ageing ingredient so if you have mature skin, give it a go. It comes with an Activator so what you need to do is to pour all of it into the serum bottle and shake well before the first use. It has a lovely clear blue/purple colour and it has to be used up within 6 months once opened. 

Glossier Priming Rich Moisturizer has been a favourite for many and I can see why because it is truly a good primer for dry skin peeps! I normally use this in the morning as my last skincare step before I put on a foundation. My skin, honestly, looks luminous, healthy, and foundation lasts really well throughout the day! I highly recommend checking this out if you are looking for a good primer for your dry skin problem. Don't be scared of the word "rich" because it is not greasy at all so if you have normal to oily skin, I think you can still benefit from it but during the cooler months perhaps. 

You guys, I have just found the perfect hydrating face mask. Skin & Tonic Coco Mask is probably the best all natural face mask I've ever tried. It comes in a powder form but listen, the powder is so finely milled and feels so creamy, as soon as you add water, or rose water in my case, it just becomes a creamy lotion that feels soothing and moisturising on the skin. I even add half a teaspoon of organic raw honey to make it more nutritional so go get it guys, this would be a skin essential in winter for all skin types especially if you have sensitive skin as it contains the soothing Aleo Vera, Coconut Milk and the Kaolin Clay would even help to detoxify congested skin. Though it doesn't have the most beautiful scent in the world, for a mask that is as good as this one, I do not care. 

I have been using this N. Pack Cream by a Korean skincare brand called Zemu and I've really enjoyed it. It is a cream, dah, but it's more like a sleeping mask cream if that makes sense?! It can be used as your normal face mask which is what I have been doing, just apply a thick layer and wash off after 20 minutes, but it's actually designed to leave it overnight as a sleeping mask so if you are into this kind of product you may like this one as it contains Zeolite which is a mineral from Rotorua, the famous city of Hot Springs in New Zealand. It has an outstanding power for moisture retention, and it's also great for absorbing impurities. 

(applied a thicker layer as a wash off mask)

It has a smooth texture and very lightly scented which is great, I love how hydrating this mask is, and of course the gorgeous shiny gold packaging. It comes in a massive 120ml bottle which would last for a long time, and it can be purchased on Amazon. The only reason why I don't use it as a sleeping mask is that I simply hate when skincare gets all over my pillow so if you want to leave it overnight, make sure apply a thin layer and wait until it's absorbed before hits bed. 

Caudalie Beauty Elixir has been around for ages, everybody who has tried it, loved it, and I'm no exception. In fact, I love it so much I got this pack of 3 at airport duty-free. This has the most beautiful, calming scent that is great just to inhale with it after spraying onto the face and it'll wake you up instantly in the morning, ready to face the day, but make you feel all relaxed in the evening so it's easier to fall asleep. For me, this is more than just a toner. If you haven't tried it yet, you are missing out! It's also a great makeup setting spray for that natural healthy glow. 

Last but certainly not least is my beloved Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream. This is by far, the best face cream I've used. If you follow me (which you should 😜), you know that I'm a big fan of face oils, I almost never use creams especially at night but this baby is everything I would ask for in a cream. It's 100% natural, and I love the rose essential oil smell in it. It might be strong for some but it does disappear once it's on. 

If you have oily skin, do not use it because it will make you look shiny, very shiny in fact, but the good news is Dr. Hauschka has a Lighter version of this cult favourite so yeah. I, however, love this one and I'm not even that dry. It gives the most healthy looking glow and somehow I feel like this cancels out my redness on the cheeks as well. I love this stuff, and I will always repurchase it. In fact my favourite actor from Friends, Jennifer Aniston is a big fan so, if it's good enough for her, it's good enough for me. 

Monty's Glow Natural Skincare Range

Monday, 11 September 2017

Green beauty is all about being pure, clean and natural, that's why I am so happy to discover Monty's Glow skincare, bodycare and haircare range. Her products are genuine handmade with natural and organic ingredients without any preservatives, alcohol or chemical nasties. Her products are truly live up to the green beauty title. 

Today I want to talk about some of my favourite products from Monty's Glow, my experience with them and why I love them so if you are excited about getting to know another great green beauty brand then stay with me! 

Let's talk about her face products first, my favourite has to be the Vital Pearl Flawless Cream.  If you have dry or mature skin, this would be your bae! It's hydrating, it feels very nourishing on the skin and it smells lovely, a little on the potent side I would say but it doesn't linger that much longer once it's on! It has some of the best ingredients in the skincare world, like crushed pearl dust (what?), Ylang ylang ginger, Rosewood, Aloe vera, the list goes on. It feels calming and I can really feel that anti-ageing effect. My skin just looks plumped, youthful and so smooth the next morning. I am falling head over heels with this one. 

I do suggest using it in the evening if you have oily skin because it can be "shiny". Just remember a little goes a long way, all you need is a pea size amount but if you dig that disco ball effect then feel free to bury your face with it! 

Another favourite is her Afrimagic Face Serum for dry skin, but I think this one is good for all skin types because the texture is so light yet so hydrating. It turns into a water consistency once you rub it on the skin which feels so soothing. If you have oily skin, you could totally just use this as your moisturiser. For me, however, this is more of an essence because of the watery texture so I would use this after toner and before my serums. This serum has a zingy lemony scent, so refreshing to use in the morning. 

I've also tried her Afrimagic Face and Body Cream which for me, it's best to use on the legs because of that rich oil infused texture. It literally made my legs looking like a bunch of diamonds have been crushed and sprinkled all over them, just gorgeous! It's a little shiny on my face but I love the "chocolate mousse" texture and the fact that it smells like mint chocolate. Coco Bejbe Lotion (face and body) is best for oily skin I think. I have been using it mostly on my upper body and my hands because it does not feel greasy. I have tried it on my face but I prefer more of a richer textured product, but if you have oily skin I think you'd love it though.  As for the Harmony Cream, is probably the least favourite of mine just because of the scent. It's very strong for my like but if you don't mind the scent and have oily skin this cream could be it. 

(left: with nothing on, right leg: with Afrimagic face and body cream. See that glow?!)

(Coco Bejbe Lotion)

(The pearl cream is the yellow one, the white one that has a mousse texture is the Afrimagic face and body cream, and the sample is the Harmony cream)

I've had the pleasure of trying Monty's whole SPA range for dry skin type, and it is a dream let me tell ya! 
  1. Starting with cleansing body and hair with her best selling Desert Fresh Liquid Cleanser (dry skin), and this little wonder is unlike anything I've tried in the past. It's a liquid gold if you ask me. It's made with coconut oil, sesame, argan oil, shea butter and all that goodness so be sure to shake well before use to get the best result. It lathers really well, and for me, this is a great body wash not so much for my hair though, but if you have dry hair, this would be amazing. 
  2. As for exfoliating, I have tried her Coco Bejbe Face and Body Scrub which is made for mature skin type. This one has a nutty scent. I've also tried the Queen Sheba Face and Body Scrub which is designed for dry skin peeps, and this one has more of a minty herbal scent. Last but not least is her Moringa Love scrub which is made for acne prone and dull skin types, this one has a mixed herbal scent. They all work really well in terms of scrubbing off dead skin cells but my favourite has to be the Queen Sheba one because it feels very refreshing and it doesn't get all "muddy" in my bathroom. I have tried to use them on my skin but for me, personally, I don't recommending it just because I prefer chemical peel instead of actual granules. 
  3. And speaking of peel, I love her Harmony Peeling Mask on my face and Tutti Frutti Fade Complexion Peeling Mask on my body. Trust me, these 2 will make your skin baby soft, and much brighter! They both come in powder form so you need to make your own peel mask by adding rose water if you prefer, or yoghurt, and/or honey for more hydrating and soothing purposes. You want to get them into a porridge consistency then apply either with your fingers or a brush. I left them on for about 20-30 mins just because I'm very impatient but if you have the time, feel free to relax with these for as long as you like. 
  4. The last step of this whole SPA experience is to seal in all the work you've done and for that, I like to use her Afrimagic Face and Body Cream all over for that glowing effect. 
  5. As for my hair, her Herbal Hair Leave-In Conditioner is one of the best I've tried. I use it on my ends for that smooth, frizz-free look. I need to order the full size though. It is seriously that good. 
(Liquid Cleanser)

(The dark one is Coco Bejbe, the cream one is Queen Sheba, and the sample is Moringa Love scrub)

(I like to mix the mask in my favourite silver dish that my grandma gave it to me but you can use any dish or preferably a china dish)

(with Harmony Peel Mask)

(with Tutti Frutti Peel Mask)

(Herbal Leave-in Conditioner) 

Honestly, this whole home SPA experience is probably the best thing I've done to my face and body, even better than going to a SPA if I'm honest because all her products are 100% natural and organic. There's no harm to the skin whatsoever. 

If you have questions on how she makes her products, her ingredients or her concept of creating them etc., you can follow her on Instagram. She is a lovely lady and she will answer all of your questions without a doubt. All her products are priced with Swedish Krona but she does ship internationally I believe so make sure to contact her for shipping rate and options. 

*PR Samples

April Favourites

Friday, 8 September 2017

Sadly, my birthday month had gone pass a lot quicker than I thought, but on a brighter side, I get to share with you all my April Favourites so ready, set, go!

Spacemasks is an innovative company who created these single use eye masks that are infused with Iron Powder and Jasmine which self-heats as soon as you put on to revive tired eyes and put you to sleep peacefully. They are designed for people with a hectic lifestyle that has difficulty to sleep at night.

I suffer from insomnia from time to time which in my opinion, is simply the worst thing in the world. I tried one of these a week ago and oh my god it worked. I thought it was going to be gimmicky but no, I was so surprised. The heat really does feel soothing, and the jasmine scent is so light and pleasant which made me feel peaceful plus Jasmine is all time favourite scent so I was really happy about that. It says the heat lasts about 15 minutes but I can't comment on that because I just fell asleep with this mask on for the whole night without even paying attention of anything becasue it is that calming so I highly recommend it if you don't fall asleep easily like me, but bear in mind that this is my experience with the mask, people are different so the result may vary.

I have been really into face massaging for the past month with Sarah Chapman's Facelift. It's so easy to use and I do feel my jawline is a tad smaller, and my skin is a lot smoother than it used to be. Beauty gadgets can be really expensive so if you are new to face massages I highly recommend starting with this roller. It won't break your bank but you will see results with consistent use.

And speaking of beauty gadget, this Bliss Pore Fector is wonderful for taking the gunk out of your pores and making your skin look smooth and clear. I don't want to get into details with it because I'm planning on doing a full blog post on how to get clear skin featuring this gadget so stay tuned if you are interested. But just a little spoiler alert: I love it!

I purchased this Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream like 2 days ago but I just had to include it in my April Faves because it is love at first sight. It's very thick and nourishing plus I love the natural and organic ingredients so I highly recommend checking this out if you have dry/sensitive skin. However, if you have oily skin, look away now because it will make your skin look like a disco ball.

The important thing to remember with this cream is that less is more. You only need a pea size amount and that is enough to cover the whole face and neck. If you use more than that you face will look very shiny even if you have dry skin. Also, you have to spread across the face first then PAD for at least a minute to let it sink into your skin because it is not one of those creams that absorbs fast. But despite all that "work", I love it becasue it feels so nourishing unlike other creams I've tried in the past, and it makes my skin look healthy and makeup goes on smoothly. It does have a rather strong rose scent but it disapears once it's on. I use this after I put on Kathy Sue Ann's Rosehip Serum, these two work really well together and if you have dry, sensitive or even irritated skin, you will love this combo. I know I talk way too much about Kathy's Rosehip Serum but I don't care because it is one of the best things I've put on my face.

I have a new concealer love from Avril which is a French base natural/organic cosmetic company. I use the shade Ivory becasue it is a more yellow toned concealer that does a great job to conceal and brighten my under eyes. It has a thick creamy consistancy so what I do is I use a very nourishing eye product first like Kathy's Sue Ann's Anti-Ageing Eye Balm before applying the concealer. These 2 together makes my under eyes look smooth and bright and they are both so affordable. Love these!

I think Spring is the season to wear minimal eye makeup but with fresh and healthy skin, so I have been really loving wearing nothing on my eyes but the KIKO Super Colour Eyeliner (107) in this gorgoues blue/purple colour. It just makes my eyes pop, simple but still very season approperiate plus it lasts all day long so I highly recommend checking it out if you love a pop of colour on your eyes. But no look is complete without a good brow, and for that, I have been enjoying this natural brow pencil from Neve Cosmetics

This is a duo ended soft brow pencil and it comes with a spoolie which is awesome. The most I like about this pencil apart from it's made with natural ingredients is that it has 2 different tones so I can use the Black part for filling my brow tails and Deep Ebony for the front part so my brows look natural. 

Last but certainly not least is a 3 in 1 micellar water by the brand NeoBio. It's made with all natural ingredients and once it's open it's only good for 3 months. I like that it is gentle, not so much of a waterproof makeup remover but I like to use it to take off my face makeup. Juts think Bioderma but much more natural. And one last thing: I am really into the bottle. You just press on one end and pour from the other end. 

So there you have it, my April faves... Spot any of your faves here? 

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