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Summer Flawless Foundation Routine with Green Beauty Products

As I age, I struggle to find "the perfect" foundation. Everything seems to look "cakey" on my skin. I mean I'm "only" 34 but let's be honest your foundation would never look the same, say, when you are on your 20's. However, I think I've just found "the foundation" for me, and I even get into a pretty staple routine for the past a couple of weeks so if you are struggling with your foundation being cakey or flat, stay with me girl, I'll hook you up as this routine will change your life! 

Step 1: Skin Prep
If your skin is dry, uneven, or perhaps "bumpy", your foundation would do nothing, no, scratch that, it would probably make your skin look even worse, so a good skin prep is key when it comes to a flawless base. I have been testing out a balm cream, and let me tell you, it is heavenly. It would change your life! 

Nilotic Crème in Sunset Orange. O... M... G... This cream, well more like a balm, melts into the skin without being heavy or greasy, absorbs almost instantly, and smells like between coffee and orange which might sound weird but honestly the scent is divine! It is all natural, made with 100% Organic, Virgin, Unrefined & Fair Trade Vitellaria Nilotica Fruit Butter, and Pure Orange Oil to give your complexion an even, toned, hydrated and plumped look. I am totally and utterly in love with this product, not only because it is 100% natural, but also the result it gives, it just makes me look 10, if not 15 years younger in one single use. This is incredible, and is also for a good cause which is why makes me love the product even more! Hear me out: 

  • every purchase you make with Nilotic, you actually provide 3 weeks of school fees for a disadvantaged child from the Naguru district of Kampala, Uganda. 
  • you would also fund the planting of a Nilotic Shea Fruit Tree, a Moringa Tree and a Bamboo Tree in the West Nile region of Uganda. 

I can't say enough good things about this balm cream, and the fact that it is all for a good cause really does make all the difference so if you love natural/organic skincare products that perform well plus you want to be kind and change other people's life, I highly recommend purchasing Nilotic products.  And what's even more exciting? This product is currently on sale plus I have a 20% OFF discount code (SILKSKIN186200) for you, you get discount on discount, so you pay $31 instead of $59. I suggest you hop to it! Just a little disclaimer: I paid with my own money for this product, and I am not being sponsored whatsoever, but I do get a small amount of commission when you use my code.  Obviously you don't have to if you prefer to pay the full price but for those who do want to save a little extra money, why not ehh?! 

(photo credit: Nilotic)

Step 2: Primer (optional) 
If you have dry skin, you can certainly skip this step, but for summer I like to add a mattifying primer before my foundation just to take off the unwanted shine, and this Hylamide HA Blur is great for that but without being overly dry. It is smooth, and I love that it doesn't have that dry/siliconey feel to it. 

Step 3: Foundation
If you haven't noticed, I have been changing my skincare + makeup routine into everything natural/organic lately, just because I really don't want to put more chemicals and nasties onto my skin any longer, so I finally decided to purchase the Kjaer Weis Cream Foundation, and it is pretty amazing! This is probably the most expensive foundation I have ever bought but I'm happy with the result, and I'm happy that it is refillable which is half the price of the entire thing. Obviously you can buy the refill only and store it in a Z palette but the packaging is so freaking gorgeous I just had to. I have shade in Just Sheer, and it retails for €59 (packaging + foundation). 

(no filter, really love the finish of this foundation, very natural looking, not overly dewy) 

I think I should've gotten a shade lighter which is Silken but for summer time I can get away with Just Sheer (I am light to medium with neutral to yellow undertone), and the fact that this foundation is so versatile meaning that it can be applied sheer so even if you get the wrong shade, no-one would notice, or you can apply heavily for medium to full coverage and it would never look cakey if you prep your skin good beforehand. Love love this foundation because of the ways it performs, the gorgeous packaging, and no nasties. 

Step 4: Concealer
I like my concealer to be a shade or 2 lighter under my eyes for that brighter look. I don't usually conceal other imperfections such as spots, blemishes or pigmentations, I just think it's nice to show your skin the way it is, but feel free to conceal if this is something you feel comfortable with. 

(foundation and concealer swatch) 

So for my under eyes I use Avril Anti-Cernes Ivoire concealer. It's a lot lighter than my skintone but it works great for brighten my under eye area. It can be quite dry due to the thick consistency so a drop of your favourite face oil would easily solve the problem. 

Step 5: Powder
Again, if you have super dry skin, you can totally go without this, but the Lily Lolo Silk Mineral Finishing Powder is great for all skin types, even the driest skin because it has a creamy consistency despite the fact that it is a powder. It feels so hydrating and smooth which unlike anything I've tried in the past, and it is 100% natural. Make sure to get "silk", not the "matte" one if you have dry skin. 

(powder swatch on the far left) 

So yes, this is my current go-to foundation routine, and if you are a green beauty lover, this routine would make you very happy! Trust me! 

But just to complete the whole face, I have been using the Lily Lolo Cheek Duo in Coralista which contains a gorgeous coral blusher and a champagne highlighter that is not shimmery at all so if you just want a natural glow this palette is the one! 

(swatch of foundation, concealer, blusher and highlighter) 

(finished look)

There you have it green beauty lovers! This is my entire foundation routine. Hope you have enjoyed it. FYI, I am going on holiday in Asia for 2 months next week so there will be no more blogposts for 2 months as blogger is difficult to login there as I've heard, but I will post consistently on Instagram with mini reviews so make sure to follow me there! Thank you and have a fabulous summer vacation! 

Current "ROSE" Skincare Routine

I have been on a green beauty skincare routine for a while now and have just realised that everything about my routine is ROSE 🌹related. I love when skincare products are made with roses because they are known for their brightening and anti-ageing effects which are what we all want really so today I want to share my ROSE related skincare regime with you all, and if you love roses as much as I do then keep on reading.

(my garden rose is blooming, love it)

I'm sure most of you have noticed that I have been posting less makeup but more of natural/organic skincare products both on my blog and Instagram and that friends is because, I have realised that when it comes to beauty regime, skincare is far more important than makeup especially green beauty skincare products because they are so gentle, so good for our skin, and with continuous use, our skin gets better, brighter and healthier so that we don't even need to wear tons of makeup. I don't know about you but for me, wearing less makeup feels so much more comfortable, and my skin is now able to breathe which is something I'm very happy about! So if you feel the same way as I do, I think you will love this routine that I'm about to show you, so to start...

I cleanse my skin with Indie Lee Rosehip Cleanser which is the most gentle cleanser I have ever tried. It doesn't sting my eyes, it smells good, and I just love that it makes my skin smooth and so clean afterwards. It is a foam based cleanser which isn't something I prefer but honestly, it doesn't foam up like your normal gel cleansers. I barely see foams so it doesn't dry out the skin but still manages to clean it properly. If you have oily skin you would love this but I have normal to dry skin and I still love it so go get a sample, test it out because I think all skin types can benefit a little from this ROSEHIP cleanser. There are only 5 ingredients in it and they are all natural, no nasties whatsoever so it is what I would say an ideal cleanser for green beauty lovers this time of the year. 


(not much foam as you can see)

And after cleansing, you want to get that deep layer of your skin moisturised so a good Hyaluronic Acid serum is a must in my opinion, now this Hydrate Facial Serum by Jordan Samuel isn't rose related but I just want to recommend a good Hyaluronic Serum if you are looking for one. I have tried many before including the popular Ordinary Hyaluronic 2% but quite frankly they all feel drying on my skin. I just can't bear that "can't-move-my-face" feeling. Now this one isn't as drying (the secret is to apply this while your face is still damp from your toner so that your skin doesn't feel dry at all), and I love that it is made with all natural ingredients and is safe to use around the eyes to give a rather fresh look to my tired eyes.

After Hyaluronic is done, I use 2 drops of Kathy's Rosehip Facial Serum and 2 drops T.O.S.e Apothecary Wild Rose Serum mixed together for that bright, plumped and youthful complexion. Both of these are handmade with all natural and organic ingredients, and they absorb instantly on the skin, they feel nice, smell nice, and do the job. I love them so if you are looking for a clean ROSE serum look no further! I use these in the morning. 

For evening, I go for something a little more anti-ageing, and for that, I use Jordan Samuel's Étole with Retinol Treatment Oil. This serum not only has Rosehip Oil in it but also has a 0.2% pure retinol that is supposed to target all signs of ageing for your skin. I have been using this for the past 3 weeks and I'm very impressed with it. It is "thicker" than the 2 rose serums I just mentioned but it absorbs very nicely into the skin, no greasy residue and I love that it has no scent so even if you have sensitive skin it will not irritate. 

I highly recommend if you are on your early 30's like me because the 0.2% retinol is just the right amount, no irritation, no peeling, very comfortable on the skin. Sunday Riley Luna is also a great option if you just start with retinol but honestly, 0.1% really isn't that much for a visible effect plus I don't like that Luna has dye in it so go with this one, and when you are towards your late 30's or early 40's you can start thinking about using something like Skinceuticals 1% retinol

And to seal everything in, I use Dr.Hauschka Rose Day Cream which, by the way, is the best face cream I have ever tried. It is 100% natural and a lot of Hollywood celebrities like my beloved Jennifer Aniston swear by it, and I can see why because it is gentle, very nourishing so if you have dry skin you'd love it. It has a pretty potent Rose scent but don't worry it isn't synthetic, it's pure essential oil, and it does disappear once it's on. I use this both morning and night as the last step of my skincare routine. 

I used to use whatever deodorant that smells good but if you think about it, the pores are always open under your arms when you sweat so by putting on deodorant that contains chemicals and nasties would only do harm to your body so I recommend using an all natural deodorant for not only smelling good but also much safer for the skin. I have been really enjoying the MÁDARA Herbal Deodorant, and the best of all? It has ROSE water in it. It smells so lovely and natural, I mean it's not the fastest drying deodorant in the market but at least my skin wouldn't "suffer". It has alcohol but that's just for the drying purpose, as long as you don't put alcohol on your face, you wouldn't really notice any "ageing" under your arms, let's be real! 

If you can't tell already I love ROSEs, and I love them more when they are infused in my skincare products so if you love roses too, I highly recommend checking out these products because they do work and most importantly they are all natural. 🌹

Current Empties #21

It's that time of the month again, ohh don't be silly, I don't mean "that time of the month", you know, time for my empties... where I talk about my current used up products and if they are worth re-purchasing so, without further ado, let's start!

Let me begin with the only makeup item that I used up which is very rare for me because I'm more of a skincare gal, and just recently switched pretty much all my makeup into natural/organic products but that being said, I do still use some of my old favourites once awhile like this Too Faced Primed and Poreless Press Powder. It is very silky smooth and does a great job in terms of setting my makeup, keeping my oil at bay but never cakey. I would definitely re-purchase if I haven't decided to use all natural makeup from now on, but if you aren't fussing about the ingredients this is a great powder, worth purchasing.

Okay, now we can talk about skincare, and let's go with cleansers first which as you all know, are my favourite things to buy and test. Sarah Chapman Ultimate Cleanse, this comes in a set, and it lasted around 2 weeks which isn't bad at all for testing out a new product. It smells really nice like all her products do, and it does a great job for taking off makeup, and I love that it makes my skin feel so smooth and glowy afterwards, not drying whatsoever, and worth purchasing.

Blue Labelle Petitgrain & Tamanu Cleansing Oil. This is what I would call green beauty at its best. It is 100% pure, definitely an indulging night treat. It doesn't emulsify so you do need to take it off with a cleansing cloth. I, personally prefer cleansing oils that emulsify but if you like oils this would be your gem. 

Resultime Cleansing Milk. It is infused with Collagen which really plumps up your skin while cleansing. I use this as my second cleanse or sometimes in the morning. It smells light, and feels gentle on the skin, a great summer cleanser for whom suffer from sensitive skin.

Moving onto toners, and this one comes to no surprise: Pixi Glow Tonic which I have talked about many times before. I love this stuff, it's gentle yet effective, however, I will not purchase it anymore as it contains perfume and dyes.

Alpha H Liquid Gold. Now, this is a cult favourite, and I have loved it for years. It is simply the best chemical exfoliate on the market. It really transformed my skin from rough texture to smooth, but I have decided not to use it anymore as it is high in alcohol which is the No.1 bad ingredient when it comes to skin ageing. It is second on the list which is ridiculous, I mean you can even smell it as you apply so no more for me. I'm still on a hunt for a natural alternative so if you have any suggestions leave them down below.  

As for treatments, I have finally finished the Hylamide SubQ Eye Serum. I really liked it. It is light but hydrating, not sticky, and is a great cream to use under concealer during warmer months. This little bottle lasted me almost 8 months, maybe even longer than that so great value for money. I highly recommend if you are on your 20's.   

Sunday Riley Luna, my first Retinol treatment, and I loved it. It absorbs so fast and never leaves my skin feeling greasy which I love, and is the main reason why makes me want to re-purchase, but I'm not very happy with the blue dye plus I'm currently trying a much stronger retinol so I won't buy it again, but, if you've just started getting into that retinol regime, give this a go. 

Dr. Dennis Gross Triple C Peptide Firming Oil. I do feel this oil makes my whole complexion brighter, and I love that it sinks in instantly plus a little goes a long way so you do get your money worth. I use this in the morning before my moisturiser. 

Last but certainly not least is a moisturiser I would definitely re-purchase once I finish my other ones. Skyn Pure Cloud Cream. This cream feels so hydrating on my skin but not greasy nor sticky. Love the whipped cream texture and it just works. It's suitable for all skin types I would say, and it is a great primer before foundation. I highly recommend it! 

So these are my current empties and I hope you have enjoyed it. If you have any questions about these products or skincare questions in general, feel free to contact me or leave them down below. Have a lovely week! 

Skin Organics Clean Beauty Box

I get a lot of questions on how to choose green beauty products and what to choose in terms of performance, price point etc. so today I want to share with you a new green beauty subscription box service that does all the work for you, and all you have to do is subscribe. They offer a 3-month as well as a 6-month subscription plan or simply pay for a month box whenever you want or as a gift to someone you love. Intrigued?

Introducing: Skin organics Clean Beauty Box which is an UK based company that hand selects 5 natural/organic beauty products each month and delivers to your doorstep which is simply amazing because a lot of the companies that claim to be "green" but if you look at the ingredients list it is rather disappointing so what Skin Organics Clean Beauty Box does, is selecting trustworthy natural/organic beauty products so you don't have to worry about things like quality which is very convenient, so all you have to do is sit back and relax, and wait for your clean beauty goodies to arrive each month. It's a great way to try out natural beauty products especially for "beginners" when you just don't know what to get.

I was kindly sent the May Box which was the first box they launched and it is filled with natural goodies so let me show you what's inside.

So this month, you get 3 full sized mixed with 2 deluxe travel sized products with a total value of £56, and the box is priced at £24.95 so you do get your money worth plus you get high-quality natural products which is the most important thing really. 

So first you get this Mouthwatering Mandarin Coffee Scrub by OPITAT (90g RRP £6.99). This is a travel size but let me tell you 90g would last you for a while because it is very effective as far as body scrub goes, and it smells heavenly. What I love about this scrub apart from it does a great job of scrubbing away dead skin cells is that the company recycles used Arabica coffee grounds as their main ingredient which is rather amazing for both our environment and limits food waste. See? One person's trash can be another's treasure. Love the idea, plus it comes in a tube which, in my opinion, is the best invention ever because it's easy to take on holiday, and it doesn't get messy in my bathroom!

I compared it with my beloved Scrub Love Coffee Scrub and hoenstly they are both effective and smell lovely. But bear in mind that OPITAT scrub contains alcohol but it's nearly at the bottom of the ingredient list so I wouldn't worry too much plus I just love that it comes in a tube. How convenient! 

(Optiat is more on the wet side so less fallout)

Speaking of body products, you also get a Tropical Blossom Body Butter (30g RRP £6) by Evolve which is the most deliciously smelled body butter I've ever used. It smells like jasmine to me which you guys know it is my all time favourite scent, and I love that it just melts into my skin, and leaving it feeling smooth and hydrated. This little tub is definitely going on holiday with me. By the way, you also get a 20% off promo code for Evolve products so if you love the body butter or simply want to explore more of their skincare and body care range, you get a discount. Cool bananas! 

(from a solid butter texture turns into a lush oil)

As for skincare, this month's box contains a full sized Energising Face Mask (75ml £4.75) by Natura Siberica. I've used it a couple of times already and it feels very soothing and hydrating, and I suggest using this in the morning because it really does make you look more awake and energised. This mask contains wild-harvested plants which means they are rich in nutrients that are good for the skin and have active components that offer powerful results. 

(before and after, it has a lotion to cream texture which feels very pleasant)

And speaking of powerful results, this TOSé Apothecary Wild Rose, Frankincense & Myrrh Facial Serum (30ml RRP £28) is probably my favourite product in the box. It feels so smooth on the skin and it sinks in almost instantly and it smells like a mixture of mint and lavender. It's what I would consider a potent smell but it magically disappears once it's on and just leaves my skin looking and feeling plumped and nourished. It is hand made in small batches so you know you get the high-quality product and I really like that it contains Q10 which is a great ingredient for anti-ageing. There's also a promo code for 25% off so go get your box and profit it all. 

(before and after, it leaves my skin luminous but not greasy)

So yes, I highly recommend Skin Organics Clean Beauty Box if you are thinking of getting into that green beauty life. It comes with a card that explains all products like size, price and some coupon codes so I'm really happy with it. 

There's also a full sized lip balm included which retails for £10. I haven't tried this one yet but by the look of it, I'm sure I won't be disappointed. I mean I just have so many lip balms opened already, don't feel like opening another one because once it's open you have to use it within 6 months as there are no preservatives in the product. It is as natural as it gets. 

That's it guys, this is a great value box that offers high-quality green beauty products and I'm very happy with this month's choices so if you are interested, subscribe now.  

*PR Sample