April Favourites

Sunday, 22 April 2018

I don't have a lot of new faves this month but I thought you might still want to see them so if you are curious, stay with me. By the way, I do have some old faves as well but for the purpose of not-bore-you, I'm just gonna show you my new faves in the month of April, and if you are interested in knowing my old faves you can check out my previous posts or follow me on Instagram for more.

I have been wanting to try Omorovicza Skincare for the longest time but their products are just way too expensive but I've got some travel sized products to try and honestly, they are not bad. My favourite has to be this Moor Cream Cleanser. You guys know I love a good cream cleanser and this one feels quite calming and very refreshing, to be honest. I really like the minty feeling it gives and it is infused with mineral-rich Hungarian moor mud which helps to detoxify and purify the skin. It leaves the skin soft and hydrated without that tight feeling that some of the mud cleansers give. 

(Ultramoor Mud Mask)

And speaking of moor mud, another favourite from the brand is the Ultramoor Mud Mask. I love the deep grey, almost black colour, and I love that it makes my skin clean and ready for the next step. Again, it has the moor mud which is good for detoxifying the skin but it also has calcium and magnesium extracts which help to nourish the skin. My skin doesn't feel too tight but it is a mud based mask so tight feeling is expected so if you have dry skin, mix a couple of drops of your favourite face oil and you are good to go. 

(Gold Hydralifting Mask)

(Midnight Radiance Mask)

I also got to try a couple of mask samples from the brand and may I just say the Gold Hydralifting Mask is heavenly. It makes my skin nice and hydrated. It just gives that slept-well look which I really enjoy. It retails for £120 which is by no means cheap so if you are interested, make sure get a sample before splurging on the full size. As for the Midnight Radiance Mask, it's not my favourite but I just want to let you know that it does not match with the high price tag. Yes, it's moisturising but for £90, I expected much more. 

Keeping with the mask theme here, another favourite mask this month is the Verso Deep Hydration Mask. Again, this isn't cheap so if you could get hold of a sample, do it. The mask itself is lovely. It's a gel sheet mask and it feels very refreshing and hydrating. One of the best things about gel masks is that even if you leave it on your skin for more than you should, it will not dry out your skin, unlike the normal sheet masks. I don't know if you know that the normal sheet masks will suck the hydration out of your skin if you leave them on till they completely dried so never leave them on for more than half an hour but with the gel formula, you can. 

Since summer is just around the corner, I have been enjoying rocking a bright orange lip for pretty much every day. And my favourite this month is this Luxury Lipstick (Tough Tomato) by Rodin. Rodin does luxury skincare and makeup and this lipstick is their best selling product because it's infused with natural/organic lip-loving ingredients and it's so opaque, moisturising and most importantly, comfortable on the lip. It has a creamy formula and gives a semi-matte finish. I love it and I think I need that red shade in my life as well. The only downside is that it costs £28 for a piece and it comes with a cheap-feeling + plight plastic packaging. I thought It was glass but hey, it's good for taking it on the go I guess. 

Last but not least, it's this Coffee Bean Eye Cream by 100% Pure that I didn't think I would like but it turned out to be one of the best eye creams I've tried. It instantly brightens my under eyes and it gives just the right amount of hydration. It retails for £23 for a whopping 30ml (double the normal eye cream size) which makes it an affordable skincare item that works. Plus I love that it has the most gorgeous organic ingredients without any nasties like all 100% Pure products so if you are looking for a good inexpensive eye cream, try this one. 

That's it guys, these are my new faves for April and if you have any questions on any of these products, let me know in the comments below. Have a lovely week! 

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular CC Cream SPF 30

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

I'm a pretty simple gal when it comes to makeup but it's rather hard to find a do-it-all product that can moisturise, protect and even out my skin tone all at once. Well, not until this fabulous CC cream by Juice Beauty came to my life, and let me tell ya, it is an everyday essential for a minimal-makeup girl like me.

Now this Stem Cellular CC Cream comes in 3 shades and I have the middle one which is Dessert Glow. This shade is good for light to medium skin tone but even if you are slightly darker or paler you can still get away with it because it is not a foundation, it has this barely-there coverage that only evens out skin tones. It does not cover anything so if you are a full-coverage foundie girl, just layer your favourite foundation or BB cream on top and then it becomes this ultimate face primer. 

The reason why I love this CC cream so much is that it's a skincare-based makeup, well, more skincare than makeup really because it has 100% natural/organic ingredients like fruit stem cells i.e. apple buds, grape buds, lemon bark, it also has aloe leaf juice, coconut oil etc. and these beneficial goodnesses can improve skin's texture in the long run and their anti-aging properties can make your skin look much smoother, glowy and more youthful. 

Juice Beauty is a brand that I was dying to try in the longest time because their products are made without any nasties just like this CC cream. It is what they call the Next Generation BB cream and a 12-in-1 Multitasker. It claims to
  • Repairs damage
  • Evens skin tone & texture
  • Firms & improves elasticity
  • Reduces fine lines & wrinkles
  • Creates a radiant, glowing complexion
  • Balances skin tone
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Protects against chemical free SPF 30 
  • Mineral tinted coverage
  • Ultimate moisturizer
  • Skin perfecting colour
  • Great for all skin types

Now, tell me if these don't sound intriguing, and it does do exactly what it says on the tin. It is extremely lightweight, it's hydrating without being greasy, it makes your skin glow like nobody's business and it feels very comfortable on the skin. I also love the light tint as it "hides" my redness pretty well and the SPF 30 is just a bonus. And may I just say that the packaging is absolutely gorgeous especially that metal applicator. It retails for £41.60 which is pricey but for me, it worths every penny. 

This is the perfect product for summer as you don't need to apply tons of products, it just does it all but there's one downside which is not major but it might annoy some people who are sensitive to certain scent. It's not bad or anything but because it's a mineral SPF (non-nano) so when it contacts with the sun or when you simply step outside, it becomes quite "smelly", sort of like iron or some kind of metal and it doesn't go away which is rather annoying but I love this product and it's easy to apply (just use your fingers, no brush or sponge needed) so I can definitely put up with it. The interesting thing is that it smells like yummy juicy candy when you first apply on the skin but as soon as you walk around in the house even just near the window and of course outside, it becomes smelly, completely changed how it smells at the first place. It's strange but I guess that's just way how non-nano mineral SPF is. 

(you see the glow it gives and how it makes my skin brighter and even?!)

(Just one thin layer with different lightings, no makeup just this CC cream and a lipstick. You can still see my little spots, I'm having a bad skin day by the way, but it definitely evened out my skin tone and look at that glow!)

All in all, this is a fabulous product so if you love green beauty and you are looking for that do-it-all product, this is it. Especially now summer is coming so this does come in handy. 

Do you like CC creams? Any other recommendations? 

Current Empties #24

Sunday, 8 April 2018

It has been 3 months since my last Empties so it's time to share another one with you and I think I have a pretty good selection of skincare empties, body and health supplements so let's crack on, shall we?! 


  • Sukin Micellar Cleansing Water: this is such a great product and I love that it is also inexpensive. It does the job and it's soothing so I will definitely repurchase it. 
  • Jordan Samuel Étoile with Retinol Treatment Oil: this is by far one of my favourite retinol oil. It's also very nourishing so if you are just starting up on retinol, you might want to start with this one as it doesn't make your skin peel but still gives that smoothness and the glow factor to your skin. 
  • Monty's Glow Harmony Face Serum: you guys know how much I love her AfriMagic Serum, it's one of the best I've tried so I've decided to give this one a go as well. This is designed for oily skin type but it's surprisingly hydrating. I still prefer the AfriMagic one as it is not only moisturising but also soothing and refreshing, one of those feel-good products. I would definitely buy it again. As for this Harmony Serum, it's not bad but I wouldn't repurchase it. 
  • Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask: if a smooth, even-toned, no-redness and clear skin is something you are after, YOU NEED THIS MASK. It is divine. I recommend it to everyone, whatever your skin type might be. 
  • Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream: if you have dry skin, you will love it. It's one of those very nourishing creams that would instantly hydrate your skin. I also love the rose scent. If you have oily skin, don't use it as your skin might be tacky and heavy-looking even. 
  • *Nilotic Crème: I have the scent of Sunset Orange and it is lush. It's made with 100% natural ingredients and I love the bamboo packaging as well. It's very nourishing, a must-have for winter. I have a 20% off code in case you are interested: SILKSKIN186200 

Body Care

  • KIKI Health Organic MACA Powder: I loved every bit of this wonderfulness. It tastes good and I like that it is rich in Vitamin C, B6, Iron, Calcium, Riboflavin and Potassium. This is a great daily food supplement. 
  • Arctic Power Cranberry Powder: it's delirious and nutritional. I can't get enough of it. I will definitely repurchase it. 

These are my current used-up products and I hope you have enjoyed going through every one of them with me. I've bullet-pointed for you so it's easier to know which one is worth repurchasing, but if you have any questions on any of the products I've mentioned today, you can click the links for full reviews or comment below, I'd be happy to help. See ya next week! 

*PR samples 

March 2018 Favourites

Saturday, 7 April 2018

I haven't done a Favourites in such a long time and if I remember correctly, I have never done an all green beauty favourites so today we will talk about my current toxin-free newbies and go-to products together. 

Beauty begins with diet as we all know it by now, what we eat on a daily basis reflects on our health and our skin so getting the necessary supplements or superfoods are crucial in our beauty routines. There's a trend in health/beauty world lately of taking probiotics daily and I've jumped on this bandwagon as well and let me tell ya, I get it now why probiotics are so important. 

TerraNova Probiotic Complex with Prebiotics Capsules. This little bottle does wonders for gut health. These capsules are not only good for detoxifying the gut, reducing acidity and improving mobility but also excellent for breaking down foods more efficiently, helping in the manufacture of certain vitamins. These are vegan-friendly and formulated without fillers, binders, anti-caking agents, lubricants, disintegrants, coating agents, wheat, gluten, yeast, dairy, gelatine, animal ingredients, sugar, colours, flavours or preservatives. You couldn't get any probiotics cleaner than these. I highly recommend trying them if you want your gut health to be back on track. I have been taking them for the past few weeks and I can already see the difference. I am less bloated and bowel movement is healthier than ever. 

Another supplement, well superfood really, is the KIKI Health Organic MACA Powder. This stuff is amazing. I'm almost out of it. I take one teaspoon every morning with my yoghurt. It can be quite "earthy" but also has a rather pleasant caramel taste to it which I quite enjoy. MACA root is a type of vegetable root that is high in Vitamin C, B6, Iron, Calcium, Riboflavin and potassium, and by taking it regularly, it'd help in reducing fatigue, boosting our immune system, regulating hormone activity and helping to maintain healthy teeth and bones etc. It is free from all the nasties as all KIKI products are, and it is 100% raw and organic. 

If you have never tried berry powders before, you are missing out because all wild berries are rich in vitamins, minerals, fibres, antioxidants, fatty acids etc. so by taking them daily would really help in maintaining our general health and also good for the skin. I have been enjoying Arctic Power Berries since last summer and these Cranberry and Blackcurrant ones are my favourite. They are not only delicious with any smoothies or yoghurts but I also love that all the berries are handpicked and pressed without the unnecessaries. 

Since beauty is inside + out, it's only fair for me to share with you some of my favourite skincare products. I have been testing a couple of products from Virginutty lately and they are both lovely. Virginutty is a coconut oil based skincare company that brings the best coconut oil from the Philippines and may I just say the *Makeup Melt that I have is amazing. All her products are coconut oil based and this makeup remover is made with 100% raw organic coconut oil which not only smells amazing but also very effective when it comes to taking off makeup and daily grime. Coconut oil is one of those oils that is multi-functional which I really like so if you have dry hair, dry skin, dry cuticles or even want to cook with it, feel free to knock yourselves out. 

The *Coffee Glow is a coconut oil infused body scrub but what is so different from other coffee scrubs I've tried in the past is that it has a "drier" formula (very effective) with only 3 ingredients: organic coconut oil, roasted Barako coffee and organic sugar. This is, without a doubt, one of the best scrubs I've tried for eliminating dead skin cells plus it smells heavenly. I love that it's "rough" but that being said, I wouldn't use it on my face though, and because of the drier formula, I suggest using a body oil or cream afterwards. 

Another cleansing balm I have been enjoying is the *Lavender & Lemon Cleansing Beauty Balm by VeeBeauty LDN. I have never tried any cleansing balm that has a cooling sensation when contacting the skin. This will be fantastic for the summer. It has a smooth texture just melts into the skin and it does remove makeup effortlessly. This is one of those balms that is great for a pamper night as it smells really nice so you could inhale with it then smooth it across the face just enjoy the ritual. It has a rather "strong" eucalyptus scent so if you are sensitive, it might not be for you but again, this would be great for the summer and if you have a cold, just smear some around your nose and you will feel much better after. 

If you suffer from thinning hair, breakage or irritated scalp, you should try *VeeBeautyLDN's Hair & Scalp Nourishing Treatment. It has olive oil, castor oil, rosemary oil etc. to nourish the roots and ends as well as promoting healthy hair growth. I really like the rosemary and peppermint scent, very refreshing. I use it twice a week because I'm trying not to wash my hair too frequently but feel free to use it as often as needed because all VeeBeautyLDN products are 100% natural with zero nasties. It comes with a dropper so you can drop the oil directly on your roots, massage it in and work your way down to the ends. 

There you have it, my March faves. All these products are 100% natural and green so feel free to indulge with them. I hope you have a wonderful week and remember to use green beauty products for better health. 

*PR Samples 

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