Dupe Alert - KIKO Velvet Passion Matte Lipsticks vs. Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipsticks

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Now I'm all about the matte lipsticks if you don't know me already. And I believe you pay what you get. I personally don't buy drug store lipsticks just because I'm a lipstick snob, I think high-end lipsticks are much better in quality, but then I discovered the new-ish KIKO Velvet Passion Matte Lipsticks and I'm totally and utterly in love with them. I mean I know that I only bought one shade (319) but I would eventually buy them all, yes, they are that good, and that actually means a lot coming from a lipstick snob. They are in my opinion, the exact duplicates of the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipsticks. You all know how I love the matte revolution lipsticks by CT, but they do cost 30 euros a piece, and these KIKO ones? 9 euros a piece, and like I said before, they are exactly the same, so you do the math. Ohh and did I mention CT lipsticks are made in Italy as well? Something to think about! 

First of all, the texture, the same comfortable, matte but not drying formula, and looks and feels exactly the same on my lips. 

Secondly, the scent, the good old vanilla scent that MAC lipsticks have, yes, they both smell the same. 

Thirdly, pigmentation, they are both insanely pigmented, one coat is all you need, of course you can layer and layer, neither of them would ever get cakey nor crumbly on the lips. And they both touch-up really well. 

Okay now don't mind the swatch, as I said I only picked up this one shade from KIKO because I don't have any colour like this one in my collection. I swatched the CT matte in Bond Girl just to show you the texture and the pigmentation. And hopefully you can see that they are the same, not similar, THE SAME!  

Fourthly, the shape of the bullets, identical! 

(ok the CT one is well used and loved so you probably can't see the bullet, but I'm telling ya, the shapes are the same)

Finally, longevity, they both last equally well, but they do come off a little if you eat or drink. They do last longer if you use a lip liner first though. 

I guess the only difference between these 2 lipsticks is the packaging, and that's it! I'm telling you guys, they are the same!!! Just so you know the lip liners are very different though, CT lip cheats are much more firmer, on the dryer side, and last much longer, but the KIKO matching liners have a silicone feel to them, very soft and creamy, they do break off easily as well just bear that in mind, and doesn't last as long. I prefer the CT liners just FYI. 

(KIKO Everlasting liner in 404, and velvet passion matte lipstick in 319)

I still love my CT mattes but I mean I probably won't buy anymore just because with the price, I could buy 3 KIKO mattes, and why would I pay such high price for something that is exactly the same (in my opinion), and made in the same country?! If you have the money to splurge go ahead but if you are on a budget, KIKO is your best bet because I repeat, they are THE SAME! 

That's it guys, I hope I saved you a little money there. If you like my dupe's post please follow my blog because there's more to come in the near future. And as always if you have any Qs feel free to comment or drop me an email or even contact me on Instagram @eflicciardello because I do post daily there, and that's the best way to keep up with my posts. Have a good week, and I'll see you same time next week! Muahh! 

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