Skincare Discovery of the Year ft. Blue Labelle Biologique Cleanse & Nourish Kit (Try Me Version)

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

One thing I love about Instagram is that there are so many small but great brands out there that offer awesome products with affordable price, Blue Labelle is one of those brands that I came across like a month ago randomly, and now I'm totally addicted to it! I want everything from this brand, literally! 

Blue Labelle is an English brand that base on the island of Isle of Wight. All of their products are hand made, registered by The Vegan Society and use certified organic ingredients. If you are a big fan of organic skincare, you need to try out this brand. I mean just to think about the people who work for the brand actually hand make the products, bottle up, and hand write expire dates just makes me love it even more. I mean the amount of effort they put into the products is pretty amazing, and they are not even that expensive. 

Like I said I want literally every single product on their website, but I ended up purchasing the Cleanse & Nourish Kit (try me version) because even though they look amazing online, I still need to make sure they function well, and work for my skin so I'll start with the kit, and boy am I impressed?!!

This kit contains 2 different cleansing oils (50ml) and 3 different face oils (10ml) that you can choose depending on your skin type. I chose the Petitgrain & Tamanu cleansing oil and Argan & Sea Buckthorn face oil, which is targeted for someone who has combo to oily skin as well as mature skin. The kit also offers a organic hemp face cloth, but since I have a lot of flannels in my house, I decided to skip it. 

The cleansing oil feels lush, smooth, so easy to spread, and effective for removing make up. I actually use it as my second cleanse as well as massaging my skin for that anti-aging effect, just because it is packed with organic skincare ingredients, so would be a waste for just a makeup remover. It has a Chinese herbal medicine scent if I may, but it doesn't bother me because it is not that strong, and it does go away after you wash off, and I don't mind medicine-like scent at all, because this stuff is organic, and it's a lot better than synthetic perfume scent if I'm honest. 

As for the face oil, it is very nourishing as it is made for someone who has slightly dry/mature skin. Again, silly smooth, and feels lovely on the skin. No irritation whatsoever, and this one actually smells a little citrusy, very pleasant to use. For the past 3 weeks, as my evening skincare routine, all I do is, wash my face with the cleansing oil, tone, acid tone, and then this face oil to nourish my skin, and my skin has never looked better. Sometimes less is more with the right products of course. 

I sure would purchase the full size products once these run out, but I'm sure these would last me for a while because one pump is all you need so a little goes a long way. Even though these are try me sized products, but they still came beautifully packaged with nice dark glass bottles to protect the products. 

I seriously, can't rave enough of these products, and if I have to rate this kit, I give 5 out of 5, because I love organic skincare products, they feel nice, they are effective, and the hand made part is just a bonus plus it is affordable. So I highly recommend trying the kit out if you don't know what to pick. Blue Labelle ships internationally so go get some! 

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