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Monday, 22 May 2017

I've recently got sent some skincare and body care goodies by Kathy Sue-Ann's which is a natural/organic skincare company that is based in North London, and hand makes all of their products. They only use natural and/or organic ingredients that are good for the skin, no harsh chemicals nor synthetics are being used in their products, and they are cruelty-free which you guys know I'm all about that. 

I'm just gonna jump right in and tell you guys that I love her products! They are natural, inexpensive as far as green beauty products go, and they WORK. 

My favourite product has to be her Rosehip Serum. I am falling head over heels with it. It is simply one of the best if not the best oil based serum I've ever tried. There, I said it, and for a skincare junkie, that means a lot. I don't know how she manages to get the formula so perfect, it just sinks in right away, not greasy whatsoever but still manages to keep my skin plumped and hydrated. I cannot explain it, my skin just loves it. And the scent, oh dear god, it smells like the Pai Rosehip Oil in the bottle but when you rub it into your skin it just smells like a lavender garden but in the most subtle way possible. It does linger for a while which I love because it just puts me in a relaxing mood, and there's nothing more I want for my night time routine. 

This serum is designed for all skin types but I think if you have oily skin you are gonna love this because of that non-greasy formula, but that being said, I have normal to dry skin and I still love it so you do the math. 

It contains organic Rosehip oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, Carrot Seed Oil, and Lavender Oil, and the oils are free from preservatives or petrochemicals. Love love love and highly recommend. 

My second favourite product is her Anti-Ageing EyeBalm. This little guy is a handbag essential. Whenever my under eyes are dry or I just need a little pick me up for my skin I apply this, it just instantly revive my skin, makes me look fresh and ready to face whatever is there waiting for me. Again the formula is non-greasy, absorbs instantly, and so travel-friendly.  

I also got the Organic Exfoliating Body Scrub which is made with Dead Sea Salt, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Grapeseed Oil. It is very nourishing so I don't even need body lotion afterwards. As far as exfoliating goes, it is not as effective as coffee scrubs but it is very gentle so great for everyday use. The interesting thing about this scrub is that the salt actually dissolves as you rub in which is rather odd but in a good way so if you have sensitive skin you are gonna love this! Oh and have I mentioned it smells heavenly?! 

Last but certainly not least is her Organic Lip balm which smells like chocolate because of the Cocoa Butter I think. It's moisturising but it doesn't last that long on my lips so I have to keep applying it throughout the day which is okay because of the chocolate scent. Yum! Honestly, I still prefer my Nuxe Reve de Miel because it's long lasting and it's matte but this is a great one for on the go because you don't need to dip your fingers in the pot every time. 

If you can't tell already I love the products, green beauty at its best but won't break your bank. 

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