April Favourites

Friday, 8 September 2017

Sadly, my birthday month had gone pass a lot quicker than I thought, but on a brighter side, I get to share with you all my April Favourites so ready, set, go!

Spacemasks is an innovative company who created these single use eye masks that are infused with Iron Powder and Jasmine which self-heats as soon as you put on to revive tired eyes and put you to sleep peacefully. They are designed for people with a hectic lifestyle that has difficulty to sleep at night.

I suffer from insomnia from time to time which in my opinion, is simply the worst thing in the world. I tried one of these a week ago and oh my god it worked. I thought it was going to be gimmicky but no, I was so surprised. The heat really does feel soothing, and the jasmine scent is so light and pleasant which made me feel peaceful plus Jasmine is all time favourite scent so I was really happy about that. It says the heat lasts about 15 minutes but I can't comment on that because I just fell asleep with this mask on for the whole night without even paying attention of anything becasue it is that calming so I highly recommend it if you don't fall asleep easily like me, but bear in mind that this is my experience with the mask, people are different so the result may vary.

I have been really into face massaging for the past month with Sarah Chapman's Facelift. It's so easy to use and I do feel my jawline is a tad smaller, and my skin is a lot smoother than it used to be. Beauty gadgets can be really expensive so if you are new to face massages I highly recommend starting with this roller. It won't break your bank but you will see results with consistent use.

And speaking of beauty gadget, this Bliss Pore Fector is wonderful for taking the gunk out of your pores and making your skin look smooth and clear. I don't want to get into details with it because I'm planning on doing a full blog post on how to get clear skin featuring this gadget so stay tuned if you are interested. But just a little spoiler alert: I love it!

I purchased this Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream like 2 days ago but I just had to include it in my April Faves because it is love at first sight. It's very thick and nourishing plus I love the natural and organic ingredients so I highly recommend checking this out if you have dry/sensitive skin. However, if you have oily skin, look away now because it will make your skin look like a disco ball.

The important thing to remember with this cream is that less is more. You only need a pea size amount and that is enough to cover the whole face and neck. If you use more than that you face will look very shiny even if you have dry skin. Also, you have to spread across the face first then PAD for at least a minute to let it sink into your skin because it is not one of those creams that absorbs fast. But despite all that "work", I love it becasue it feels so nourishing unlike other creams I've tried in the past, and it makes my skin look healthy and makeup goes on smoothly. It does have a rather strong rose scent but it disapears once it's on. I use this after I put on Kathy Sue Ann's Rosehip Serum, these two work really well together and if you have dry, sensitive or even irritated skin, you will love this combo. I know I talk way too much about Kathy's Rosehip Serum but I don't care because it is one of the best things I've put on my face.

I have a new concealer love from Avril which is a French base natural/organic cosmetic company. I use the shade Ivory becasue it is a more yellow toned concealer that does a great job to conceal and brighten my under eyes. It has a thick creamy consistancy so what I do is I use a very nourishing eye product first like Kathy's Sue Ann's Anti-Ageing Eye Balm before applying the concealer. These 2 together makes my under eyes look smooth and bright and they are both so affordable. Love these!

I think Spring is the season to wear minimal eye makeup but with fresh and healthy skin, so I have been really loving wearing nothing on my eyes but the KIKO Super Colour Eyeliner (107) in this gorgoues blue/purple colour. It just makes my eyes pop, simple but still very season approperiate plus it lasts all day long so I highly recommend checking it out if you love a pop of colour on your eyes. But no look is complete without a good brow, and for that, I have been enjoying this natural brow pencil from Neve Cosmetics

This is a duo ended soft brow pencil and it comes with a spoolie which is awesome. The most I like about this pencil apart from it's made with natural ingredients is that it has 2 different tones so I can use the Black part for filling my brow tails and Deep Ebony for the front part so my brows look natural. 

Last but certainly not least is a 3 in 1 micellar water by the brand NeoBio. It's made with all natural ingredients and once it's open it's only good for 3 months. I like that it is gentle, not so much of a waterproof makeup remover but I like to use it to take off my face makeup. Juts think Bioderma but much more natural. And one last thing: I am really into the bottle. You just press on one end and pour from the other end. 

So there you have it, my April faves... Spot any of your faves here? 

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