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Friday, 26 May 2017

I get a lot of questions on how to choose green beauty products and what to choose in terms of performance, price point etc. so today I want to share with you a new green beauty subscription box service that does all the work for you, and all you have to do is subscribe. They offer a 3-month as well as a 6-month subscription plan or simply pay for a month box whenever you want or as a gift to someone you love. Intrigued?

Introducing: Skin organics Clean Beauty Box which is an UK based company that hand selects 5 natural/organic beauty products each month and delivers to your doorstep which is simply amazing because a lot of the companies that claim to be "green" but if you look at the ingredients list it is rather disappointing so what Skin Organics Clean Beauty Box does, is selecting trustworthy natural/organic beauty products so you don't have to worry about things like quality which is very convenient, so all you have to do is sit back and relax, and wait for your clean beauty goodies to arrive each month. It's a great way to try out natural beauty products especially for "beginners" when you just don't know what to get.

I was kindly sent the May Box which was the first box they launched and it is filled with natural goodies so let me show you what's inside.

So this month, you get 3 full sized mixed with 2 deluxe travel sized products with a total value of £56, and the box is priced at £24.95 so you do get your money worth plus you get high-quality natural products which is the most important thing really. 

So first you get this Mouthwatering Mandarin Coffee Scrub by OPITAT (90g RRP £6.99). This is a travel size but let me tell you 90g would last you for a while because it is very effective as far as body scrub goes, and it smells heavenly. What I love about this scrub apart from it does a great job of scrubbing away dead skin cells is that the company recycles used Arabica coffee grounds as their main ingredient which is rather amazing for both our environment and limits food waste. See? One person's trash can be another's treasure. Love the idea, plus it comes in a tube which, in my opinion, is the best invention ever because it's easy to take on holiday, and it doesn't get messy in my bathroom!

I compared it with my beloved Scrub Love Coffee Scrub and hoenstly they are both effective and smell lovely. But bear in mind that OPITAT scrub contains alcohol but it's nearly at the bottom of the ingredient list so I wouldn't worry too much plus I just love that it comes in a tube. How convenient! 

(Optiat is more on the wet side so less fallout)

Speaking of body products, you also get a Tropical Blossom Body Butter (30g RRP £6) by Evolve which is the most deliciously smelled body butter I've ever used. It smells like jasmine to me which you guys know it is my all time favourite scent, and I love that it just melts into my skin, and leaving it feeling smooth and hydrated. This little tub is definitely going on holiday with me. By the way, you also get a 20% off promo code for Evolve products so if you love the body butter or simply want to explore more of their skincare and body care range, you get a discount. Cool bananas! 

(from a solid butter texture turns into a lush oil)

As for skincare, this month's box contains a full sized Energising Face Mask (75ml £4.75) by Natura Siberica. I've used it a couple of times already and it feels very soothing and hydrating, and I suggest using this in the morning because it really does make you look more awake and energised. This mask contains wild-harvested plants which means they are rich in nutrients that are good for the skin and have active components that offer powerful results. 

(before and after, it has a lotion to cream texture which feels very pleasant)

And speaking of powerful results, this TOSé Apothecary Wild Rose, Frankincense & Myrrh Facial Serum (30ml RRP £28) is probably my favourite product in the box. It feels so smooth on the skin and it sinks in almost instantly and it smells like a mixture of mint and lavender. It's what I would consider a potent smell but it magically disappears once it's on and just leaves my skin looking and feeling plumped and nourished. It is hand made in small batches so you know you get the high-quality product and I really like that it contains Q10 which is a great ingredient for anti-ageing. There's also a promo code for 25% off so go get your box and profit it all. 

(before and after, it leaves my skin luminous but not greasy)

So yes, I highly recommend Skin Organics Clean Beauty Box if you are thinking of getting into that green beauty life. It comes with a card that explains all products like size, price and some coupon codes so I'm really happy with it. 

There's also a full sized lip balm included which retails for £10. I haven't tried this one yet but by the look of it, I'm sure I won't be disappointed. I mean I just have so many lip balms opened already, don't feel like opening another one because once it's open you have to use it within 6 months as there are no preservatives in the product. It is as natural as it gets. 

That's it guys, this is a great value box that offers high-quality green beauty products and I'm very happy with this month's choices so if you are interested, subscribe now.  

*PR Sample

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