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Monday, 11 September 2017

Green beauty is all about being pure, clean and natural, that's why I am so happy to discover Monty's Glow skincare, bodycare and haircare range. Her products are genuine handmade with natural and organic ingredients without any preservatives, alcohol or chemical nasties. Her products are truly live up to the green beauty title. 

Today I want to talk about some of my favourite products from Monty's Glow, my experience with them and why I love them so if you are excited about getting to know another great green beauty brand then stay with me! 

Let's talk about her face products first, my favourite has to be the Vital Pearl Flawless Cream.  If you have dry or mature skin, this would be your bae! It's hydrating, it feels very nourishing on the skin and it smells lovely, a little on the potent side I would say but it doesn't linger that much longer once it's on! It has some of the best ingredients in the skincare world, like crushed pearl dust (what?), Ylang ylang ginger, Rosewood, Aloe vera, the list goes on. It feels calming and I can really feel that anti-ageing effect. My skin just looks plumped, youthful and so smooth the next morning. I am falling head over heels with this one. 

I do suggest using it in the evening if you have oily skin because it can be "shiny". Just remember a little goes a long way, all you need is a pea size amount but if you dig that disco ball effect then feel free to bury your face with it! 

Another favourite is her Afrimagic Face Serum for dry skin, but I think this one is good for all skin types because the texture is so light yet so hydrating. It turns into a water consistency once you rub it on the skin which feels so soothing. If you have oily skin, you could totally just use this as your moisturiser. For me, however, this is more of an essence because of the watery texture so I would use this after toner and before my serums. This serum has a zingy lemony scent, so refreshing to use in the morning. 

I've also tried her Afrimagic Face and Body Cream which for me, it's best to use on the legs because of that rich oil infused texture. It literally made my legs looking like a bunch of diamonds have been crushed and sprinkled all over them, just gorgeous! It's a little shiny on my face but I love the "chocolate mousse" texture and the fact that it smells like mint chocolate. Coco Bejbe Lotion (face and body) is best for oily skin I think. I have been using it mostly on my upper body and my hands because it does not feel greasy. I have tried it on my face but I prefer more of a richer textured product, but if you have oily skin I think you'd love it though.  As for the Harmony Cream, is probably the least favourite of mine just because of the scent. It's very strong for my like but if you don't mind the scent and have oily skin this cream could be it. 

(left: with nothing on, right leg: with Afrimagic face and body cream. See that glow?!)

(Coco Bejbe Lotion)

(The pearl cream is the yellow one, the white one that has a mousse texture is the Afrimagic face and body cream, and the sample is the Harmony cream)

I've had the pleasure of trying Monty's whole SPA range for dry skin type, and it is a dream let me tell ya! 
  1. Starting with cleansing body and hair with her best selling Desert Fresh Liquid Cleanser (dry skin), and this little wonder is unlike anything I've tried in the past. It's a liquid gold if you ask me. It's made with coconut oil, sesame, argan oil, shea butter and all that goodness so be sure to shake well before use to get the best result. It lathers really well, and for me, this is a great body wash not so much for my hair though, but if you have dry hair, this would be amazing. 
  2. As for exfoliating, I have tried her Coco Bejbe Face and Body Scrub which is made for mature skin type. This one has a nutty scent. I've also tried the Queen Sheba Face and Body Scrub which is designed for dry skin peeps, and this one has more of a minty herbal scent. Last but not least is her Moringa Love scrub which is made for acne prone and dull skin types, this one has a mixed herbal scent. They all work really well in terms of scrubbing off dead skin cells but my favourite has to be the Queen Sheba one because it feels very refreshing and it doesn't get all "muddy" in my bathroom. I have tried to use them on my skin but for me, personally, I don't recommending it just because I prefer chemical peel instead of actual granules. 
  3. And speaking of peel, I love her Harmony Peeling Mask on my face and Tutti Frutti Fade Complexion Peeling Mask on my body. Trust me, these 2 will make your skin baby soft, and much brighter! They both come in powder form so you need to make your own peel mask by adding rose water if you prefer, or yoghurt, and/or honey for more hydrating and soothing purposes. You want to get them into a porridge consistency then apply either with your fingers or a brush. I left them on for about 20-30 mins just because I'm very impatient but if you have the time, feel free to relax with these for as long as you like. 
  4. The last step of this whole SPA experience is to seal in all the work you've done and for that, I like to use her Afrimagic Face and Body Cream all over for that glowing effect. 
  5. As for my hair, her Herbal Hair Leave-In Conditioner is one of the best I've tried. I use it on my ends for that smooth, frizz-free look. I need to order the full size though. It is seriously that good. 
(Liquid Cleanser)

(The dark one is Coco Bejbe, the cream one is Queen Sheba, and the sample is Moringa Love scrub)

(I like to mix the mask in my favourite silver dish that my grandma gave it to me but you can use any dish or preferably a china dish)

(with Harmony Peel Mask)

(with Tutti Frutti Peel Mask)

(Herbal Leave-in Conditioner) 

Honestly, this whole home SPA experience is probably the best thing I've done to my face and body, even better than going to a SPA if I'm honest because all her products are 100% natural and organic. There's no harm to the skin whatsoever. 

If you have questions on how she makes her products, her ingredients or her concept of creating them etc., you can follow her on Instagram. She is a lovely lady and she will answer all of your questions without a doubt. All her products are priced with Swedish Krona but she does ship internationally I believe so make sure to contact her for shipping rate and options. 

*PR Samples

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