November Favourites

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Mannn, I feel like I haven't done a favourite post in a long time, and honestly, I have accumulated a lot to share with you today. It's gonna be a long one so go grab yourselves a cuppa and we shall begin! 

I have to talk about this Jordan Samuel PliĆ© Treatment Cleanser (Now it's called The After Show Treatment Cleanser, same formula but different names) together with his new Skincare Cloth first because these two are my most loved products of the month. In fact, there's not one product that I've tried from JS that I have not loved, he just creates some of the best products in the skincare industry today! This cleanser not only smells incredible like candies but also takes off all trace of makeup including waterproof ones and leaves the skin feeling fresh and clean. It reminds me a lot of the Renaissance Cleanser by Oskia but I have to say I love this one more, now that's a pretty bold statement coming from a Renaissance fan but PliĆ© feels much smoother, and I love the simple tube packaging. I feel like the Renaissance Cleanser runs out a lot faster, it just doesn't last as long and with the pump bottle, there's always gonna be a little left in there, and with that price tag, it's just not good enough. 

For the face cloth, as JS calls it the Skincare Cloth, it's probably the best I've tried. It's ultra soft, it's duo sided for different skin needs and the best part? It's the "huge". It's so much bigger than your average cloth (it's bigger than my beloved Emma Hardie ones) so I can really "steam" my whole face with it (I like to run it under hot water and leave it on my face for a couple of minutes to really open up the pores plus it feels really calming) and clean it in one go. Seriously, these two products together would really change your cleansing game. I highly recommend trying them out! 

And speaking of trying good skincare products, I have really been enjoying the *Tri Doshic Face Serum and *Tri Doshic Toner by Aroma Veda who does some of the best organic skincare products in the green beauty world. They've sent me a collection of their face and body products but these two stands out the most to me. The serum is light in texture but it's very nourishing on the skin, sinks in instantly, and leaves a healthy glow that doesn't look or feel greasy. The toner is refreshing and hydrating, and I love the mist is so fine, perfect for refreshing your look whenever and wherever. They both smell kind of herbal but they're not potent by no means. I love that the serum has Rosehip oil, Argan oil, jojoba oil and all that nourishing ingredients so it's great for all skin types and is definitely a winter skincare essential. 

Another skin care product that I have been falling head over heels with for the past month is the Leahlani Mermaid Mask. She describes it as Superfood For the Skin and that's exactly what it is. It's made mainly with Organic Hawaiian Raw Honey which feels so nourishing to the skin. Honey is the No.1 skincare ingredient that I absolutely adore. My skin loves honey, if I have spots, redness or I'm just feeling dry, honey would sort it all out. I love this mask, and I'm going to do a full blog post on Leahlani Skincare because I have purchased some other products from her line and I want to give you more details of how they are so stay tuned.  

I got this Sunday Riley C.E.O. moisturiser as my Sephora point perks and boy do I love it! It's a Vitamin C based cream and it's good for dullness, dryness and uneven skin tones. I haven't noticed anything in that brightening area but I do like that it's hydrating without being greasy and the tangerine scent is unbelievably gorgeous! 

Last skincare fave is the *Witch Hazel Toner by Maple Holistics. If you are looking for a toner that's calming, soothing, hydrating and all natural, look no further. It does it all. Sometimes I don't have time to wash my face in the morning, I just pour some of it in a big cotton pad and sweep it all over my face. It's like cleanse + tone in one. Sounds good huh! This toner retails for $25 which might seem a lot but you do get a decent amount in the bottle (8oz which is about 240ml) and if you'd like to try it without paying the full size first, feel free to get their samples at no cost here. I personally love when companies offer free samples so I don't waste my money on products that don't work for my skin. Ohh, and have I mentioned that Maple Holistics is cruelty-free? 

Let's move onto hair. My new hair routine which consists of only 2 products and they have been nothing but a huge saviour. I use the *1001 Remedies Treasure Oil once a week as a deep hair and scalp treatment. It's 100% Argan oil but it doesn't weigh down my hair and bear in mind that I have oily hair. I like to massage 10 pumps into my roots and work all the way down to the ends for about 3 to 4 minutes and leave it to work its magic for roughly an hour. This really helps to penetrate all the goodness of Argan oil into my hair and scalp. Then I wash it off with *Maple Holistics Tea Tree Oil Shampoo as this one is great for someone who has greasy hair, and someone that gets blemishes on their scalps like me. It creates a rich lather and my hair feels really soft and clean after. I love that it's made with all natural ingredients without paraben and sulphate. This combo is really winning it for me, and I love that they promote healthy hair growth so if you are experiencing hair loss or you have thin/fine hair in general, you might want to give these a go. 

Now as for makeup, Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Brows is a must have as it colours and sets all in one. It's a great product for lazy ones like me. I have the darkest shade (Supermodel) in the range and it's the perfect colour and I love that it's not on the warm side. The tip is so thin and fine so it really just gets in there and coats every single brow hair that you have, and I'm very impressed with the stain power. It lasts all day and it's somewhat waterproof. 

(excuse of my bushy brows, I'm due for a trim)

I think you are probably sick of me talking about how much I love the Shimmer Stick in Sinamon by Fenty Beauty but honestly, this is the only highlighter, blusher and eyeshadow that I have been using lately. it's so freaking gorgeous and I love that it's a multitasker. I cannot recommend it enough! 

Another brow favourite is the Anastasia DipBrow Pomade that I literally see everywhere on social media, and now I know why because it is one of the best brow products on the market. It stays put, it's easy to use, and it gives precision when it comes to filling in the brow, and you can make it natural or you can go all out for that draw on effect if you are into it. I got this sample from Sephora and I think I might have to get the full size. I use the shade in Ash Brown and it's the perfect match. 

Phewwww... If you've made this far I applaud you. Sorry about the long post but the last favourite is the Scrub Love Body Scrub in Coconut Cranberry. I've always loved their coffee scrubs so I've decided to try the coconut one and it's pretty amazing too. It doesn't smell coconut at all but the cranberry scent is unreal, so delicious and so good. I like that it's a real scrub meaning it's "harsh" in the best way possible so it's really effective when it comes to eliminating dead skin cells. But if I have to, I would go back to the original coffee scrubs because they are, without a doubt, my favourite ones of all time.  

That's it. These are my November Favourites. I'm thinking about skipping the December one and instead, I'll do a 2017 Faves. What ya think? 

*PR Samples

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