Take Your Glow To the Next Level with Match Stix Shimmer SkinSticks by Fenty Beauty Rihanna

Monday, 20 November 2017

I used to go crazy on makeup, makeup trends and latest makeup products but ever since I got into green beauty (mostly skincare) I never really care about those anymore, after all, having a clear and healthy skin means a lot more than just piling on tons of makeup to me, but that being said, I am still into natural, minimal but glowy look so today, I want to share with you my current makeup finds that have completely changed my makeup game, and yes, I'm sure you have guessed it from the title, these Match Stix Shimmer SkinSticks from Fenty Beauty that is created by the talented singer Rihanna are everything and beyond. 

Now Fenty Beauty is not a green makeup brand by no means but I just had to get these sticks because they all look gorgeous plus the packaging is so pretty and easy to travel with. They are magnetic which is a good surprise, pretty top-notch-quality weighty but fit in nicely in my makeup bag. They have no scent which I appreciate, and I just love how versatile these are. They can be used on cheeks, lips and/or eyes depending on the shades. I purchased two which are Sinamon, a gorgeous cinnamon bronze shimmer, and Starstuck, a lovely iced-out pearl shimmer that looks beautiful on all skin tones. 

These shimmer sticks are easy to use, blendable and last pretty well on my normal to dry skin, but as eyeshadows, they do crease on me even with a primer, so what I do is apply a normal primer first, then a cream eyeshadow base and top off with one of these, this way, they last all day long without creasing. I haven't tried these on my lips yet and I don't think I would because of the shades plus I just think with lipsticks, we better off wear ones that are made with natural ingredients since we always lick our lips, well I do, but it's up to you, and I'm sure these would look gorgeous on the lips regardless. 

(Starstruck and Sinamon)

(Sinamon and Starstruck)

I use Starstuck as my cheekbone highlight mostly and it just makes my skin look so healthy, dewy without that disco ball effect unless I keep layering, and that's the thing I love about it because you can control how much you want on your skin depending on the occasions and mood. As for Sinamon, I use it to "contour", it's also gorgeous as a blusher if you are into that bronzed look, and it's beautiful as an eyeshadow, that shimmer is simply to die for, and I love that it has a red undertone to it, perfect for my light to medium with a slight yellow undertoned skin. 

(Sinamon on my eyes with a cream eyeshadow base)

(Starstruck on my cheekbone and Sinamon on my cheeks, eyes and a little on my nose)

As I said, these are very easy to use, what I do is, apply directly from the bullet, then blend out with a soft brush, like the Real Techniques contour brush, it blends out beautifully and doesn't "disturb" my foundation either. Once they are on, trust me, you don't feel a thing. These are light as air! 

If you can't tell already, I'm obsessed with these, they are worth the hype and money so go get yours! 

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