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Monday, 4 December 2017

Aloha beauties! Today, I want to talk about Leahlani Skincare. Now if you love green beauty, you have to try Leahlani's products as they are handmade freshly from Hawaii with tropical beauty oils, vibrant botanical actives and one more ingredient that we all need in this world - LOVE. I love the look of her products, her packaging is simple but elegant, I love that she uses clean but effective ingredients and I adore how her products smell - so fresh, clean, light and natural. I'm obsessed and I think I need order more of them. 

I have purchased a few of her best selling products directly from her website, and she offers 10% off with your first purchase so I'm pretty happy about that as her products are not the cheapest in the world but certainly worth trying. 

If you could buy one thing and one thing only from Leahlani, I would highly recommend her Bohemian Ruby Balancing Toning Mist. It retails for $32 which is quite pricey for just a toner but boy is it worth it! It's so refreshing and hydrating but for me, the scent is a winner. OMG, it smells divine, like a mixture of lavender and rose, it's beautiful. Plus I love that it's infused with Purified Rose Quartz Gemstones which help to balance the skin and bring positive vibes in life. This toner is best for dry skin and someone who is sensitive i.e redness and inflammation. I can't recommend it enough but one thing I hope it could be improved is the spray bottle, it's beautiful don't get me wrong but the spray is nowhere near "fine". I had to de-pot in another bottle in order to get that fine, soft mist. This is sort of poke-me-in-the-eye mist which is not something I'm keen on but you can certainly spray some on the palm of your hands and pat it on your face. 

Another favourite of mine is her Mermaid Mask. She describes it as Superfood for Your Skin and that's exactly what it is. Again, I'm a big fan of the scent, can't quite put my fingers on what exactly it smells like but it's good enough to eat, I'll tell ya that! This mask is great for purifying/hydrating the skin for that "Aloha Glow" as Leahlani says, and I love that it has honey it in, well Organic Hawaiian Raw Honey to be exact, and it feels so good on the skin. Honey is my No.1 favourite skincare ingredient because it's soothing, it fights blemishes and it adds nutrients to the skin. It gives a healthy glow plus it makes the skin look even and balanced. 

If you don't know, Leahlani also makes perfumes but not your average full-of-chemical/alcohol perfumes, perfumes that are made with organic cold pressed skin loving oils, and some of them are also infused with organic extracts and essential oils. They are all free from Phthalate and alcohol which is so cool and I love that they are in roller balls for easy application. 

I've purchased two which are PIKAKE - a Jasmine based perfume and MAHANA (organic) which is coconut and vanilla scented. My favourite has to be MAHANA because it just reminds me of being on a beautiful tropical island, laying on a white sand beach and sipping Piña colada. 😍

As for PIKAKE, I thought this would be my No.1 favourite because I love anything jasmine scented but it's kinda strong, I have to be careful how much I use, if I roll on too much, it makes me a little nauseous, but that being said it does smell nice though plus I love that the oils are light, feather light actually and sinks in almost instantly. The scent lasts pretty well but a touch-up is definitely needed if you are out all day. 

The product I wanted to try the most from her brand is the Honey Love 3-in-1 Exfoliator and it turns out to be the most disappointing item in the bunch. It supposed to be cleanse, exfoliate and mask all in one but as far as I'm concerned, this is really just an exfoliating mask but it's not made for someone who has delicate skin. It has crushed up microdermabrasion crystals that are so harsh for the skin, as soon as I put it on, it just scratched the hell out of it. My skin was red, raw and "hurt". 

(honestly, even with the mask on, I could still see how red my skin was) 

If you have sensitive skin, I think you better seek for other options, but if you have normal skin feel free to give it a go. It has a little tingle to it which means it's working but my skin does not agree with it. I don't know if is the tingle or the scratchy crystals, my skin just feels really uncomfortable, trust me, when I say uncomfortable I mean it. I'm someone who is used to applying something like the Ordinary 30% AHA and BHA Peeling Solution and it tingles like nobody's business but The Honey Love is something else, it's by no means strong but it makes my skin red and raw. It's not a bad product, it's just not for me. Again, I like the scent, I like that it has honey but that's about it. I'm gonna try it on my lips and body as a scrub so hopefully, it'd nice. I'll report back. 

All in all, I adore Leahlani Skincare, in fact, I have my eyes on her Bless Beauty Balm so yes I would give a solid 4.5 out of 5, her products are lovely, natural and simple but before you make a purchase, be sure to read products descriptions and see if they are made for your skin types, and if you can, get a sample first. 

Have you tried anything from Leahlani? 

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