My Everyday Makeup Look with All Natural Cosmetics

Monday, 8 January 2018

Hey guys. Happy Tuesday! Honestly, I haven't done a makeup tutorial in ages so today, I want to show you what I do on a daily basis, and here's the twist: with all natural cosmetics so if you love toxin-free makeup, stay with me. 

It's really hard to find all natural cosmetics that work but these products I'm about to show you are tested over and over again. They do work for my skin so I want to share with you and perhaps you could benefit from them as well. 

I don't usually use a face primer but I have been testing out the *Piótis Naturals Non-Nano Sunblock for the past week and it is rather lovely. It has a ricotta cheese kind of consistency but it blends in beautifully, and I love that it has Non-Nano Formula. The only problem I have with this product is the scent. I like that it smells like lavenders but it's rather potent and it doesn't seem to disappear for quite a while but that being said, it works and it doesn't leave a white cast. 

(no white cast)

What I like to do next is mix my foundation with 1-2 drops of face oil depending on my skin's condition. If my skin's normal, I mix with only one drop, if it's rather dry, then two, and honestly, it gives the most beautiful flawless finish to the skin. I've talked about this makeup tip in my recent tips and tricks post so go check that out if you want more beauty tricks. 

My go-to foundation at the moment is the Super Fruits Healthy Foundation (White Peach) by 100% Pure. This is such a lovely foundation. It can be a little dry though if you have dry skin but by mixing with the Radiance Face Oil from MONO naturoils, it is simply flawless. I apply the mixture with a beauty blender. As for concealer, I have been enjoying the 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Brightening Concealer (creme), again I mix it with the Radiance Oil, (you can use whatever face oil you like, dry oils preferably) and trust me, you don't even need a highlighter afterwards and your under-eye will never look cakey. 

(foundation and concealer swatch) 

My skin has been dry lately so setting powders are out of the picture and I've grown to like the dewier look but feel free to set your foundation if it's part of your daily routine. Believe it or not, that's it for my face makeup. I don't usually go for blushers or highlighters because my cheeks are naturally flushed and the dewiness from the concealer and oil mixture is quite "blinding". But on days when I need to look extra "put-together", I would reach for the Lily Lolo Cheek Duo Palette in Coralista

Moving onto eye makeup, I go along both upper and lower lash lines with PuroBio Organic eyeliner (03) to give some definition to my eyes but bear in mind that this liner is not super long lasting if you have oily eyelids so feel free to use an eye primer first. I then, let it set a little bit while filling in my brows with Manga Brows in Deep Ebony by Neve Cosmetics. It's a soft brow pencil, very pigmented and I love that it's duo ended and comes with a spoolie. 

(eyebrow pencil and eyeliner swatch)

And once that's done, I use my beloved Lily Lolo Laid Bare Eye Palette which is beyond gorgeous and so approperiate for everyday use. I normally apply Shy Away along my crease, Lady Godiva on the centre and Exposed on lower outer corner and trace along my upper lash line. It might seem a lot of but it takes like 2 minutes to do both eyes. 

I have yet to find an all natural mascara that works for my short and straight lashes. I mean I've tried a couple but they are all a fail so if you have any recommendations on natural mascaras that work, please let me know. For now, I'm using this irica Waterproof & Volume Mascara and it's amazing. I got it while I was in Asia and I think it's Japanese. 

And to complete this look, I have been using the all natural lipstick by *Piótis. (NOTE that this is a sample pack. When you purchase from Piótis, you will get your normal lipstick bullet plus 15% off on your first purchase). I don't recommend using it on its own because it's rather sheer and patchy. It's best to use it with a lip liner or under any matte lipsticks as a glossy topper. It's really pretty that way. I am someone that enjoy bold lip colours even on a daily basis but if you are a nude girl, it'd also work on this look. 

(lipstick swatch on its own) 

That's it guys, this is my current go-to all-natural makeup look. I hope you've enjoyed it and as always, if you have any Qs, feel free to contact me. Enjoy your rest of the week! 

*PR Samples 

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