Sister & Co. Skin Food Raw Coconut & Matcha Green Tea Sugar Scrub

Monday, 5 February 2018

When it comes to face scrubs, I like the ones that are gentle, preferably chemical peels, you know the ones without actual granules?. But when it comes to body scrubs, I much prefer "harsh" ones, ones like coffee scrubs, dead sea salt scrubs or sugar-based scrubs as they are much more effective and leaving the skin smooth and clean. 

I've probably tried every type of scrubs out there but it's certainly my first time trying one that has actual tea leaves in, and may I just say bravo Sister & Co. Skin Food because your Raw Coconut & Matcha Green Tea Sugar Scrub is to die for. It retails for £23.99 and it is, in my opinion, worth every penny. If you look through my previous blog posts, you'll see that I haven't done a full review on one single product in a very long time, and the fact that I'm putting together a review just for this one, says a lot. It might not be the cheapest scrub on the market but you do get 350g which is much more than your normal coffee scrubs of 200g, and honestly, it is one of the best I've ever used. 

It has raw coconut oil, cold-pressed baobab oil, matcha, loose leaf green tea, raw coconut sugar, pink Himalayan salt, rosemary, lemongrass and jasmine. Now, tell me if these ingredients together don't sound intriguing! 

I love that it has green tea leaves which is a great source of antioxidant, and I love that all the ingredients are 100% natural, no unnecessaries and no nasties. I also love the lemongrass scent, very uplifting and refreshing, great for morning use. 

It feels really nice on the skin, the coconut sugar and the Himalayan salt are very effective for eliminating those dead skin cells, leaving the skin smooth and bright. It also gives a nice tingle but if you have cuts or wounds, it will sting. If your skin is sensitive, I suggest scrubbing in a circular motion but very light handed as it can make your skin red. 

Another good thing about the scrub is that it doesn't have a lot of fallout like coffee scrubs do and it's so easy to rinse. 



This scrub is everything I'm looking for in a scrub and more, but I gotta say, you do need quite a bit for your whole body so I don't know how long this bag will last me, but for now, I'm enjoying it! 

Have you tried it? Thoughts? 

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