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Monday, 16 July 2018

The Plant Kind is a plant-based skincare and body care company that only uses natural ingredients for their products and 70% of their ingredients are also organic. They are cruelty-free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

I have three products to show you today and one of them is their best seller so without further ado, let's discover the plant kind world.

Let's talk about the packaging before we getting into the goodies. Like their brand name, the packaging is lovely and green, very "plant friendly" and you can even reuse some of the containers which is a plus.

Botanical Skin Rejuvenation Mist is one of the best sellers on the website and I can see why because it is refreshing, hydrating and calming. It smells like cucumber and very light and pleasant plus the mist is fine. This is, in my opinion, a must-have for summer as you can spray anytime, anywhere for a little pick-me-up glow or when it's hot to cool you down a bit. I store mine in the fridge so the mist becomes extra cooling.

The Plant Kind was also kindly sent over 2 of their serums for me to try and they are again, great for summer use as both of them give this cooling, hydrating and soothing effects to the skin. The Soothing Juice Serum smells just like the mist and it has Organic Cucumber Extract, Organic Apple Extract and Organic Aloe Juice to soothe and cool the skin. It is a white gel that as soon as you rub it into the skin, it turns to a watery consistency, very hydrating, slightly tacky but it does go away after a while. I love how cooling it feels on the skin and if you have oily skin, this is all you need for summer but if you have dry skin, you can layer a face oil on top.

(left: Daily Reparative Serum, right: Soothing Juice Serum) 

(left: with nothing on, right: I hope you can see that the serums make my hand much brighter and smoother)

As for Daily Reparative Serum, it is an off-white gel with a watery consistency just like the soothing serum but it has Organic Seaweed Extract, Organic Spirulina, Rosehip and Argan Oil to deeply nourish the skin for that more plumped effect. It is suitable for all skin types but it's targeted for dry and mature skin. I am enjoying both of the serums at the moment because of their soothing and cooling nature which is just perfect for summer.

All in all, I give 4.5 out of 5 for the products and if you want to try something from the brand, these make a great start.

*PR samples 

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